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Development Update: Feb 24, 2023

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Community & Reminders

  • They are spotlighting 1 YouTube comment per development update.
    • The comment led Steven to explain that exploration is huge part of the game. With a lot of systems dedicated to rewarded exploration. This includes doors that may only be visible with specific spells like a mages “arcane eye”. There are relics in the world that can only be found at a certain time and place. There are constellations in the world that can only be seen at specific locations and time. So timing maters a lot not just exploring but exploring at the right time. Treasures, and maps exist out in the world that can be found through exploration.
  • Cosmetics swapping over on March 8th 2023, at 11AM PST.

UI Update:

  • The video was recorded a few days prior to the Dev Update.
  • Colby Marchi, the Lead UI/UX Designer was present for UI Update.
  • Process Style Guide
    • The process for style guide creation at Intrepid starts with shape language, designing motifs and simple graphic elements in order to sell what is Ashes of Creation.
    • Those elements are built up in order to create a subtle and cohesive game.
    • The team picks between artistic or minimalistic reference points in order to find the specificity that is Ashes of Creation.
    • The toolkit that they create allows them to create a large set of windows or views that all look cohesive. From there they use a modular approach to combine all these individual components, this allows global edits to be made simply.
  • Inventory Process
    • The entire UI process starts with User Experience. This is in order to better understand how elements will be interacted with.
    • Once the grey boxes are created, they begin to add detail around what it may look at specifically, such as the addition of filters (like when you are looking for equipment in your entire storage without modifying your preferred layout)
    • Understanding the “why” allows the output to truly come alive in game.
    • All aspects around where the UI is located on screen can be customized. Not just resizing but hooking onto the side if required.
    • People will be able to save specific layouts based on the role they are playing or depending on if they are in a party vs a raid. Layouts will be able to automatically be changed based on preset conditions.
  • Iconography
    • They have done a lot of iconography work. This includes archetype iconography, or different window treatments, and even ability icons.
  • UI Mocks
    • Different Accordions, Filters, Dropdowns, Buttons ideations were displayed.
    • The conversation windows with NPC and different options of conversation.
    • Quest delivery options were also displayed.
    • The main goal is to get things in game in order for them to be tested and reiterated on.
    • The blacksmithing fast crafting system was displayed.
    • Organizing a lot of information into a single display box was a lot of work for the team, but they use context and visual hierarchy in order to facilitate quick views and understanding.
    • The quest journal was also displayed. With varying story arcs the detailed needed to be displayed this journal UI was one of the most difficult interface (other than the Mayoral UI)
    • The general Options window was displayed. Including the FOV, quality, systems, key bindings.
    • The character screen was displayed, showcasing the equipment, stats, and gear sets.
    • Initial feedback and requested can be posted on the forum for the team to review. A thread is already open for this dev update.
    • The UI team is still looking for a UI artist/designer to fill out their team. 
  • Questions
    • Are UI layouts shareable with others?
      • That may be a little difficult, but there are unique elements that will be exposed to certain character/classes which means transferable layouts may not happen, but no definitive answer yet.
    • Will additional action bars be able to be added
      • Yes, there is no shortage of customization that they want, and so additional action/hot bars can be added.
    • Will there be weight capacity?
      • Weight management, in Steven’s opinion, is not a compelling mechanic for players to have to deal with in an MMO setting. And so weight is not something they are looking to implement. The stack limit and sizing of items will play a role though.

Character Art

  • Additional Cyclops weapons models were displayed (swords (one handed and two handed), bow, wand, staff)
  • Carphin weapons (achievable) were also shown (sword, hammer, wand)
  • Ambitious Academic drop set was displayed
    • The tower of Carphin, was part of the University complex created by the elves but taught to the humans.
  • The River Stalker outfit was displayed
  • A women statue (which was a dean at the college) was display.
  • Laria Lamont an evil boss was displayed
  • Concept art of the Aelan empire starting area was displayed
    • This area is a huge area because its not just meant to be a starting area, but an area that has late game implication as well.

Studio Update

  • The studio is now moving into another round of significant hiring. This can be seen on their website. The tech industry is having a turbulent time with lots of layoffs, the gaming industry is a industry of passion and Intrepid Studio is trying to do something different, and welcomes all resumes (even if roles you are interested in are not posted specifically)
  • The production practices are changing, but no details were released.


  • What will be the difference between a crossbow and a long bow.
    • They do not have crossbow but bows of different types will vary across many stats, such as attack speed, range, weapon skill progression.
  • Are corrupted players able to enter a freeholds boundary, or access its content, and if so, what is stopping freeholds from being corrupted player safe havens?
    • Corrupted can access their freeholds or others, but they can not interface with storage or player trading while corrupt.
  • What kind and how many special or unique activities can we expect classes to perform outside of combat, such as rogues unlocking locks, rangers finding tracks?
    • The idea is how do they blend the traditional TTRPG role of skill checks into the setting of an MMORPG. It’s a compliment of the skill kit that is available and how it interacts with the world for those curated special designs. That is intended, it is something that they want to make feel compelling and rewarding as a use case scenario in many different settings in the world.
  • Will the team move to UE5.1?
    • Yes, they are finalizing the move this coming week.
  • Will any of your race or class choices affect your artisan skills?
    • That is something that is still up in the air. It is possible, but the concern is equitability across race. One option they discussed is background, which they can select regardless of race which would benefit artisan skills.
  • Will there be a threat meter of any kind?
    • Meters in Steven’s opinion, are a removal from game immersion. They will not be including threat meters, but they will include ability indicators, or animation indicators. They want to indicate threat, but they don’t want to do that through a meter.
  • Will all creatures be hostile, if not could I try to befriend them?
    • Not all creatures will be hostile, there are herds, and big game that won’t automatically aggro and attack you, and certain social monsters may not attack you right away. They discussed NPC factions, but that would not be upon the original launch of the game but potentially a further patch.
  • How will tanks hold threat on monsters while they are on boats?
    • There are a few ways you can do that. Boats have attachments that live on them, such as potion launchers, users who are on the boat and using those weapons will have the damage and threat assigned to them.  In addition, there are ammunition which may amplify threat. There is also abilities which generate threat that can be used in a nautical setting.
  • Will there be de-targeting abilities in ashes of creation?
    • Yes. There is the ability to remove aggro form yourself. In a PvP setting, target switching and effects that may change that ability is something that they want feedback on. Since that is a form of control as a player and their ability to play the game, this is a hot topic which they want feedback on.
  • How will the summoner interact with threat management, will each summon have their own threat level.
    • Summonses exist in their own mini trinity (tank, support, damage) the one that serves the role of tank will have their own threat mitigation, in addition to that there will be other abilities that don’t live on the pet, such as the ability to transfer pain (to transfer damage or hate to a summon).
  • Are the death penalties for losing to guild war opponents in PvP equivalent to the (non) combatant ones?
    • In a sanctioned event, (caravan, guild war, node war) the death penalties do not exist.  If you die to an NPC while out in the world or dies to a player in the flagging systems is corruption can be had and death penalties apply.

The stream ended with a video teaser of the next stream which will showcase the Tower of Carphin.

Outline Contributors: Skylarck The Botanist, Simurgh

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