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Development Update: September 29, 2023

Discussion & Outline Summary

Community & Reminders

  • The YouTube comment for this month lead Steven to explain that systems are designed to create player interaction and gameplay loops. One risk is bad faith actors, or just people who come and go, Intrepid incorporates certain fail safes when some of the decisions are lacking or not made, those decision would be defaulted. The direction which the node goes due to default selection will only last so long as there are many election events for players to retake the power of mayorship.
  • The Dev Discussion for Dream nodes is still up, next Dev discussion will be on Basic Attacks
  • There are still regular office hours that you can provide input on discord with the team.
  • Cosmetics swapping over on January 17th, 2024, at 11AM PST.

Event Update

  • Steven warned that this is not a story arc, this is a type of content that can pop up based on predicates that are happening in the world.
  • Predicates coordinate in some way shape or form other world states, that players can interact with.
  • There are a variety of predicates, such as resources gathered by players, trade caravans, relationships between nodes, the state of nodes,
  • In this live stream, the predict was just killing mobs in a given area.
  • When an event starts, it doesn’t just notify people on the minimap locally or a UI pop up, but always in the world map.
  • There is a POI with a bandit camp nearby (to the north) so mobs will spawn from that direction.
  • There are stages to world events, in this event, you can arm traps left from the first stages to help you with the last wave.
  • The stages will vary depending on damage output, time requirements and many other things that will be balanced in the future. The contribution score of the player will give them a tiered reward table, which will be rolled individually.
  • As more players join the event, the event becomes more difficult.
  • Events can lead you into other quests.
  • Event party doesn’t end atomically once you beat the event, to help incentives parties.
  • Some events may be a puzzle or could just be attending a funeral of an NPC that died. Rewards will be proportional to the difficulty of the event.
  • These are meant to be much shorter than a story arc which could be multi-day, instead events are meant to be ~20 minutes.
  • There are events that are PvP sanctioned where you have the choice to join one of multiple teams.

Events Q&A

  • Do parties need to fully reform after an event system?
    • The autojoin is meant to foster community, you can chose to stay in those parties or not.
  • What happens if someone joins the events and then just leaves, will the difficult stay?
    • There is an informed heatmap to help decide difficulty, it will scale dynamically. This includes, how many mobs, the types of mobs, if there are elites.
  • Are you able to heal the caravan settlers, what happens if they all die?
    • There is the ability to fail, and a variety of different ways too fail. The possibility of failure is meant to make the game more interesting and dynamic.
  • Could players force events to spawn endless.
    • There are cooldowns. They are not just timer based, but also actions in the world.
  • What would have happened if the raid group failed this event?
    • Events that get kicked off, if you would have not saved everyone or succeeded, it would have contributed to a world state tracker, and events can inform other events as predicates. If you have enough failed events, that can trigger a bigger event, when a bigger event fails, that may trigger a story arc, when a story arc is failed it may trigger an atrophy event.

Studio Update

  • They are continuing to grow, they are ending their milestone this week, and entering a new milestone. Next week they are having 20 remote workers fly in for their Milestone 7 planning.
  • Intrepid has a 3.5% attrition rate, which is really good in the industry which has a 57.3% attrition rate.
  • Alpha 2 will be in 2024, additional information will be provided as the date approaches.
  • NDA spot testing will be communicated when required.

Art Update

  • Deepwood Syrinx model (February 2023 – March 2023)
  • Potion traps
  • Legionnaires Steelpetal Outfit model (May 2023 – June 2023)
  • Vek Plate in game achievable Armor model (Tier 2 – Level 15-25)
  • Silkfur Dunehunter (July 2023 – August 2023)
  • Alpha 2 will be in 2024, additional information will be provided as the date approaches.
  • NDA spot testing will be communicated when required.


  • Will players have a way to see who past mayors of the node were?
    • It is something they intend to provide, not just mayors, but server firsts, and other achievements of note.
  • Are there plans for official game support node positions other than mayors.
    • Yes, there are other node-based positions, most relay to social organization structures, like the temple. You would get a title and other benefits.
  • Will progression in social organization be permament?
    • There will be a portion of your social progression that does remain static, but then when you move into the section of the latter that is more competitive, that section of achievement will be ticking and seasonal.
  • Cities in MMRPG have iconic music’s that match locations, how do you expect music to fit nodes as they change so often?
    • There are different level of associate soundtracks based on associated features in the game. Such as cultural influences, biome themes, POI themes. Each of those system will have a layered affect that reflects the stage of an event. Such as Carphin, depending on the effects of a story arc, there may be an additional layer to the soundtrack. Thus, they are not meant to be pleasant but also informative.
  • What equipment slot does a bards equipment take up?
    • The instrument slot. But that is subject to change and has been a topic of conversation with the combat team.
  • Since taxes are set by the mayor is there going to be a way to see the tax rate of different nodes from a world map?
    • Yes absolutely, as you arrive in that node you will see more granular data, such as items on the auction house in that location.
  • Has the team considered grapples or guard breaks to go along with active blocking?
    • For sure, there is intended to be an interaction between different types of reactive skill sets. Such as an active tumble state that can be reacted to which may cause the action to be canceled.
  • Will players be able to view their server current vassal node network to find certain buildings?
    • The only real question is how the user collects that information, if its available automatically or if players need to find it first themselves. They are currently leaning towards the data to be just presented to the player.
  • Will there be equipment gear bonus for unique or set items that change how a class is played?
    • Yes, however there will not be new abilities, just augments existing abilities. The archetype kit really determines how the player is played though.
  • Does experience debt at max level interact at with rested experiences?
    • Yes, rested experience is a modified that occurs when you first receive the experience, and then after that modifier happens where that experience goes to buy down the dept is what happens. So if you have rested experience you have experience dept and you go out to collect your experience, you will be working that dept off faster because of the rested experience.

Outline Contributor: Skylarck The Botanist, Simurgh

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