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    • Hevel replied to the topic BOSS Fights (Idea List) in the forum General Discussion 2 months ago

      After watching the live stream from a couple of months ago that featured resource gathering, I couldn’t shake the idea for a roaming world boss. Imagine a giant boar or bull that has a frequent attack pattern involving a powerful charge. This charge will destroy any resource nodes in its path, but if it hits a large enough tree or rock it will…Read more

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    • Atrex Blademaster – Male Tulnar Lizardman
      Prim: Fighter
      Secondary: Tank
      Archetype: Dreadnought

    • —————————————————————————————————————-

      Mythnar Lightbringer – Male Empyrean Elf
      Prim: Highsword
      Secondary: Fighter
      Archetype: Cleric

      Background: A high elf brought up as a soldier holding a Spear, Sword and Shield and Healing through the pain of his wounds. A trusted guard of the Empyrean and guarding the walls of his city. Standing proud an…Read more

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    • Arthus replied to the topic GUILD ACTIVITIES LIST in the forum General Discussion 5 months ago

      With the addition of the latest live stream here is some more.

      “PROTECTORS of the FOREST” Farming & Gathering Parties: Venture out into the deep woods and Chop down trees also making sure to bring enough backup to watch the roads for other loggers and Bandits trying to steal our resources. Since the update we know Group gathering will now be a…Read more

      A list of activities you would like to see in the game or have the members of guild participate together.

      “ON THE EDGE” Gliding Mount Cliff jumping: Hiking up to some of the highest peaks, cliffs, and mountains to take turns jumping off the edge and glide across Verra to a designated area below

      “SUIT UP” Costume…Read more

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    • Hello my fellow adventurers,
      I am an RP Youtuber and have recently begun a series where I RP a tavern owner in the world of Verra (Ashes of Creation) and I introduce player characters through social interaction. I have plenty of characters I have created but would love to involve the community as well. If you could help that would be…Read more

    • Ok had another idea in the shower and had to jump on here to post it before I forgot it all.

      A dragon world boss whatever flavor you would like appears and is dealt with. Once the dragon is down and after a period of time an unannounced timer begins, within this time the dragon’s body begins to decay. If you try and interact with the corpse some…Read more

    • Class Skills:
      – Ranger Lasso or Bola to capture beasts or bind a player for a few seconds
      – Warrior Rend – Making the player bleed

      Altered Skills:

      Weapon Skills:

      – “combo” Multi slash combo
      – “I have the power” Power Up your sword with fire, ice, or poison(like in Game of thrones)
      – “Boomerang” Throw your weapon and have it return to you
      -…Read more

    • I was thinking of an event where an evil spirit/soul is summoned and inhabits one of the Castles in the world. Once the Castle is possessed it turns into a massive castle golem, with cannons as weapons and maybe evil spirits being released through the draw bridge. maybe a small team of players needs to actually get in the gate and make way…Read more

    • Since we talked about this topic in the stream I figured it would be cool to list them here. If you have any cool ideas for boss fight scenarios list them here.

      1. Super Boss Fight #1 a God that blots out the sun its so big

      2. Fighting an NPC known warrior from the past the reveals a lore drop if you win the battle

      3. when fighting a world boss…Read more

    • Watching the way Steven played in Alpha one and handing out gold to Asmongold and leveling people so they could experience high level gameplay and Steven talking in the global announcement system. This makes me think they ill allow GM’s to have fun with the community in similar ways.

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    • Excuse the formatting, on mobile

      I think I remember hearing a while back that Intrepid will be hiring in-game moderators to help seek out cheaters and bots. This brought up a couple questions:

      1: Do you think they will stick to strictly game management or is there a possibility of other player interactions like GM events.

      2: Have you ever…Read more

    • I think for myself it will initially be just trying to figure out the game. I’ll try to focus some of my efforts towards perfecting my ship building. It will have to be a slow and steady thing, as I’m probably going to be like a lot of you, jumping in when my guild is doing things.

      I like the idea of stopping by Arthus’s tavern and having a drink…Read more

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