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Bounty Hunting

Bounty Hunters

Players can acquire the bounty hunter title through a quest available to citizens of Military Stage 4 (Town) nodes and potentially their vassals or affiliated nodes. Bounty hunters can activate their Pathfinding ability to reveal corrupted player locations on their map. Corrupted players may kill bounty hunters without acquiring additional corruption s. Corrupted player’s combat penalties do not apply when battling bounty hunters. Chief bounty hunter is a node government title that grants special access to NPCs in a node.

Bounty Hunter Maps

Players with a high enough corruption score will be visible on the world and mini maps. These players will have markers posted on the map by an NPC from a Military node of at least stage 4 (Town), and will only be granted to players who have the Bounty hunter title. The accuracy of bounty hunter maps is determined by a player’s progression in the bounty hunter system. Taverns are one of the locations that bounties will be posted. As players gain corruption, taverns may offer bounties to eliminate those players; or have a specific area cleared of problem players, thus giving a POI (point of interest) on the world map.

Bounty Hunter – Pathfinding Ability

Reveals corrupted player locations on the bounty hunter’s map. Activating this ability will flag the bounty hunter for combat only to corrupted players for a period of one hour from the time of activation. The pathfinding ability can be toggled on or off.