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Castle Sieges

Players may participate in massive sieges for the control of one of the five castles scattered across Verra. When a castle is taken, the controlling guild has 3 weeks to prepare their castle for the upcoming siege. They do this by leveling up 3 unique sub-nodes that surround the castle. These nodes are the focal points of the early stages of a siege, as they will give whoever controls them boons to aid them in combat.

Siege Role: Attackers

Once a month attackers may attempt to dethrone the rulers of a castle in a pitched siege battle. These siege battles will take place in the open world. Attackers do not have to wait for the next siege to take place to harm the defenders. They can damage the defenders before the siege even begins by raiding their tax caravans, limiting the amount of gold the defenders can spend on their defenses. Once a siege is launched, the attackers have to defeat siege captain’s inside the castle’s protective villages. Slaying these captains will boost the attackers’ capabilities. Once inside the castle, the attackers will have to slay the castle Captain. Slaying the captain will end the siege, and the new rulers of the castle will be announced.

Siege Role: Defenders

After a guild has successfully taken a castle they will become the defenders of the castle and will be given 3 weeks to level up the 3 unique village nodes surrounding the castle. These village nodes do not follow the rules of a standard node. Something to keep in mind about this process is that (1) These nodes do not impose the progression limit upon any other nearby nodes. (2) These nodes are automatically assigned as military nodes. (3) These nodes will not have mayors or citizenship positions available. (4) These villages house siege captains which are unique NPCs that boost the defender’s capabilities. If the defenders successfully defend a castle then they will have 3 weeks to repair any damage their defenses sustained as they prepare for another siege next month.