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Five guild castles exist in Ashes of Creation. These castles are initially There are five castles across the world of Verra. These castles will originally be occupied by hostile NPCs that are the primary antagonists throughout the storyline.

Castle Nodes

There are five unique castles across the world of Verra, with each castle controlling 1/5th of the world. These castles will be originally occupied by hostile NPCs but the players will be able to besiege the castles, and if they are successful, they will be able to claim it as their own and influence the region under their domain.


Each castle has its own region, a unique region that covers 1/5th of the world map. These regions are independent of the Node ZOI’s and the economic regions. They can however overlap. A castle may impose taxes on any Nodes or castle Economic regions that fall inside of their region, these taxes are determined by the guild that occupies the castle.

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Players may participate in massive sieges, for the control of one of the five castles scattered across verra. When a castle is taken, the controlling guild has 3 weeks to prepare their castle for the upcoming siege, by levelling up 3 unique sub nodes that surround the castle. These nodes are the focal points of the early stages of a siege, as they will give whoever controls them boons to aid them in combat.