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A variety of different features are planned to include a deep customization for a character’s appearance, including the chosen in-game race and archetype. Players will be able to have multiple character’s appearance , including the chosen in-game race and archetype.  Players will be able to have multiple characters although the amount per account has not been determined yet. All characters will share the same property and storage which will allow all characters on a single account to be able to move items between one another. It is possible for one’s characters to be in different guilds, however, they must be citizens of the same node.

It should be noted that character and server choice will be very important as there will not be server transfers in the game.


Families allow up to 9 characters to relate to one another. A character can only belong to one family at a time and leaving one family to join another is expected to have a cooldown. The family size is intended to be a max of 8 but increases to 9 when the family head becomes married. Marriage also allows player housing permissions to be shared.

Character Death

When a player dies in Ashes of Creation they disintegrate into a pile of ash. These ashes will contain items lost by a player upon death if they die and are under a death penalty. When death penalties are active the pile of ash is immediately lootable by any player. Looting a corpse is not planned to trigger Player Flagging and there are no corpse runs for a player upon death.

Lootable items that may drop upon death due to a death penalty include gatherables, processed goods, and monster drops. Corrupt players have an additional chance to drop their gear upon death and this chance increases based on corruption score.