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Ashes of Creation uses a hybrid combat system that allows players to freely swap between action combat and tab targeting. Giving players the ability to play the game in the manner that they most prefer. Both methods have strengths and weakness, however the intention is that by having both systems in game, players will be able to switch modes to overcome their inherent weaknesses.

Action Combat

The action combat system utilises a targeting reticle for the player to dictate where their weapon attacks, and non-AOE abilities will be directed. Action combat is similar in its nature to that of a third person action game.. Whenever the player targets a hostile enemy that is within range of their weapon , their reticle will turn red, indicating to the player that they will be able to damage that enemy.

Action combat will not have an auto lock on feature, however pressing “Q” will allow the player’s non-skill shot abilities to auto track the current enemy that the players are targeting. Players can cycle between enemies by pressing the “TAB”  players will be able to cycle through all nearby visible enemies.

Tab-Target Combat

The Tab targeting system requires that the players have a selected enemy targeted for them to be able to use both their Non-AoE abilities and weapon attacks. Unlike most MMOs Ashes of creation will not have an auto attack feature, instead players will have to hit “Q” to attack with their weapon. Players may cycle through the list of all nearby visible enemies by pressing the “TAB” button.


Primary Abilities

Primary abilities are determined by a player’s archetype, players will be able to augment the abilities with aspects of their secondary archetype. Each secondary archetype offers four different schools of augmentation to a character’s primary abilities. As an example choosing a primary archetype of a warrior and a secondary archetype of a mage, may change the fighter’s charge ability so that the character no longer runs toward their target, and instead blinks towards them.

Skill Points

As a player increases their character’s level they will receive skill points, these skill points may be used to upgrade their Passive, abilities or weapon skill trees. It will not be possible for a player to max out all of their skill trees, however this does not mean that a player is limited to only one tree, they are free to go as wide or as deep as they feel with their skill points.

Active Skills

Players may use their skill points to purchase active abilities, the abilities are skills that the player will be able to palace onto their hot bars. It is planned that there will be more active skills than there will be hotbar space for players, currently the plan is to allow the player to have upto 30 hotbar slots.

Through the use of active skills players will be able to tailor their game experience to the combat system that they most prefer, be that tab targeting or action combat.

Passive Skills

Passive skills are skills that improve the attributes of a player, such as an increase in mana regeneration, or an increased chance to critically hit with offensive spells. Passive Skills are meant to enhance a players personal play style, and not force players to pursue, a the flavor of the month build.

Player Death

Whenever a player’s character dies, they will disintegrate into ash. The pile of ash will contain any items lost by the player due to the relevant death penalties. The player’s ashes will be lootable immediately by the first player to come across the ashes, be that friend or foe.

Death Penalty

Player’s death penalty is dependant on they flag status. If a player is flagged green (noncombatant) then upon death they will receive the following death penalties:

  • An experience debt (an amount of experience required to be earned back before players can progress once more)
  • Durability loss
  • A percentage of all carried gatherables and processed goods

If a player is flagged Purple (combatant) then they will suffer the same overall death penalties as a Green (Noncombatant) player, however the effects of these penalties will be halved.

If a player is flagged Red (Corrupted) they will suffer the same overall death penalties as a Green (Noncombatant) player, However they will suffer the effects of the penalties at four times the rate. Additionally they shall suffer from several additional penalties.

  • Dropping equipped weapons and gear. (the amount depends on the corruption level)
  • Respawn at a random location within the vicinity of their death, not at the closets spawn point
  • Diminished effectiveness against other players.

Death penalties do not apply to players participating in activities with objectives. Such as Castle sieges, node sieges, guild wars, caravaning.