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Player Corruption

Player corruption is the system that Ashes of Creation will use to prevent players from excessively ganking each other, and will penalize players who go out of their way to grief other players by killing all that they see.

Gaining Corruption

In Ashes of creation players gain corruption by killing other players who are flagged as non combatants. If a player who is flagged as a combatants attacks and kills a non combatant player they will gain corruption, the amount of corruption a player will earn is determined by the level disparity of the corrupted player and their prey. If a Corrupted player kills a non combat player who is several levels below them they will earn significantly more corruption, than if they killed a player who was roughly the same level.

Effects of Corruption

As a player becomes ever more corrupt, the will begin to suffer negative effects. (1) As a player increases their corruption level, their stats will be dampened to an ever increasing degree, until eventually the player’s stats have become almost 0. (2) As a player becomes more corrupt, they will drop an increasing amount of rare materials from the inventory, if a player becomes corrupt enough they will eventually drop all items they have in their inventory, and even their current equipment.

Removing Corruption

The primary means for a corrupted player to lose their corruption is through death, it is possible for players who have high corruption level to need multiple deaths before they would be able to remove their corruption. Alternatively players may remove their corruption by earning experience, be that from slaying monsters, completing quests, or gathering resources. Additionally players inside the Zone of influence of military node will have a reduced corruption duration.

Dying with Corruption

When a player dies and they are corrupted their death penalty is 4X  what a normal player would receive. Unlike a non corrupted player who only drops a percentage of their raw gatherables, depending on a player’s corruption, they have an ever increasing chance of dropping all their raw resources, several items from their inventory, and also currently equipped gear. These items can be looted from the corrupted player’s corpse, by any player. Unlike an uncorrupted player, corrupted players will respawn at a random location within the vicinity of their death.