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Dungeons will range in size and will mostly be open-world [about 80%]. These dungeons will be populated to ensure they can facilitate multiple groups. Instanced dungeons are also present and will be focused around solo play and group questlines. Groups size in Ashes of Creation maxes at 8 players for a party and so this is the max group size for dungeons. Dungeon difficulty will increase based on the depth the player(s) progress further into the dungeon. For this reason Mob and mob mechanics will increase as will terrain and environmental dangers.

Dungeon Bosses & Difficulty

Dungeon bosses and mobs do not auto scale based on group size, but instead, become more difficult based on the depth the groups are able to delve. Higher performance in earlier phases will increase the difficulty of subsequent phases of the dungeon and boss behaviors. The higher the difficulty, the better the loot tables will become.