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Economic Nodes

Economic nodes are focused on trade and merchants. The marketplace is the center core for this node type.

Unique Node Buildings

Each node type has a variety of unique node buildings that are associated with it and can be activated at the Village stage of a node’s advancement. Unique buildings play a key role on the node’s progress and overall impact of the world server.

Economic node buildings include Markets, Exchange, Galleria, and Emporium.

Auction houses accompany these types of unique buildings and enable players to list items at that specific economic node.

Node Government

Economic node governments can be bought and sold by its citizens who have the most money. This means that the leadership role is purchased using in-game currency and it has been outlined this “leadership chair” may be sold and this may be the way in which leadership is later passed on, however, we still know little about this process at this time.

Node Super Power

Economic nodes that have reached the metropolis stage unlock the Linked Economy Superpower. Economic nodes with this superpower share their auction house listings with all others. Up to two metropolises can be linked in this way and a metropolis level economic node enables worldwide sale prices for auction houses across Verra. Items listed in one economic node are able to be bid on from any other linked economic node.