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Economies in Ashes of Creation can be broken down into 3 distinct areas, the first is the Regional Market. Unlike other MMOs, markets in Ashes of creation are not global, but are instead regionally based. The second area is the Caravan system, Where Players transport resources from one node to another. The final system is the Artisan system, where players convert the resources gathered in the wilds into items of worth.

Regional Market

The first main area of the economy is the Regional Market. Each node in Ashes of creation has its own unique economy generated by the players. Unlike many other MMOs the market in Ashes of Creation is not global, but instead limited to a single node, a high level economy node is able to create a regional auction house tied to all nearby nodes. The regional market fluctuates as players exhaust nearby resources, and venture out in search of richer resources.

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The second main  area of the economy is Caravans. Caravans play an integral role in the economy of Ashes of creation. Caravans will be the main way that nodes trade resources amongst themselves, in addition to the weekly tax from the nearby Castle. Mayors of nodes will be able to set up trade routes between their nodes, allowing for the nodes to share resources amongst themselves. Caravans will also give nodes access to resources that are not capable of being found nearby.

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Artisan System

The Artisan System is the third main area of the economy. The artisan system allows players to craft items of value. These items can then be traded amongst players for gold, or sold to NPC vendors for gold. The constant requirement of resources by artisan crafters, will be one of the main reasons that mayors will create trade agreements with nearby nodes.

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