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Enchanting is a service, not an artisan profession. Enchantments can be sold at player stalls and several different professions can create enchantment scrolls. Once the scroll is created then it can become available to the open market. Enchanting an item does not increase an item’s level requirement and enchanting weapons will apply visual effects, such as glows and different colors. There are two types of enchantments for items in Ashes of Creation. These are referred to as either Vertical or Horizontal enchanting.

Vertical Enchanting

Vertical enchantments are a power progression for a crafted item. More damage or mitigations added effects or bonuses. Vertical enchantments include risks. There isn’t RNG in crafting but there may be a small amount of RNG in enchanting.

Horizontal Enchanting

Horizontal enchantments are more situational. If a player wanted to enchant their sword to do force damage instead of holy damage. This would be considered a horizontal enchantment. This doesn’t make the item more powerful, but instead more applicable to different situations and less so to others. This type of enchanting assumes no risk, just time and effort.


Over-enchanting items come with a potential risk that the item decays or is destroyed if the safety margin is exceeded. There will be mechanisms for achieving safer enchantments, such as difficult-to-obtain enchantment scrolls, or very rare material acquisitions.