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Fishing is a gathering profession in the artisan class system. It should be noted that there won’t be AFK fishing. Fishing will be a lucrative profession if done well. There are multiple styles of fishing in Ashes of Creation and there may be fishing-style tournaments. Treasures may be obtained through fishing and by exploring naval content.

Fishing Types

Small Game Fishing

This is location-based fishing, In the final game, there will not be “sparkles” on location-based gatherable resources.

Deep Sea Fishing

This is a more sports-oriented style of fishing, which will feature a mini-game. This will require equipment, such as fishing boats and expensive lures, but will yield higher rewards.

Lake & Coastal Fishing

This allows players to fish in any water but will yield lesser rewards.

Fishing Benefits

Fish are used to craft a variety of different things in the world including but not limited to furniture, clothing, costumes, potions, and food.

Fishing Poles

Fishing poles are an artisan tool in Ashes of Creation. Higher-level fishing poles are unlocked by progression in the Fishing profession. These enable the gathering of higher-level fish.

Players can obtain fishing pole cosmetics through achievement or purchase. These cosmetics include a rod, reel, and bobbers.