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    Since we talked about this topic in the stream I figured it would be cool to list them here. If you have any cool ideas for boss fight scenarios list them here.

    1. Super Boss Fight #1 a God that blots out the sun its so big

    2. Fighting an NPC known warrior from the past the reveals a lore drop if you win the battle

    3. when fighting a world boss have the ability to combine 10 tanks to charge up an ability the summons a large stone wall as a huge shield

    4. 10 rangers summon a huge harpoon to release a huge attack on the boss

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    I was thinking of an event where an evil spirit/soul is summoned and inhabits one of the Castles in the world. Once the Castle is possessed it turns into a massive castle golem, with cannons as weapons and maybe evil spirits being released through the draw bridge. maybe a small team of players needs to actually get in the gate and make way through the inside of the castle to help bring it down.

    Not sure how it would work but a massive landmark in the game turning into a golem seems like it would be dope.

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    Ok had another idea in the shower and had to jump on here to post it before I forgot it all.

    A dragon world boss whatever flavor you would like appears and is dealt with. Once the dragon is down and after a period of time an unannounced timer begins, within this time the dragon’s body begins to decay. If you try and interact with the corpse some sort of prompt makes it apparent that a cleric’s abilities are needed, within the undisclosed amount of time X number of a specific cleric skill needs to be used. If the goal is not met the hatred of the dragon will begin the turning of the corpse into an undead dragon. Once it begins it cannot be stopped and things begin to happen.

    First: The gatherables in the area become less and less untill they seemed withered/diseased and dissapear completely plants and wildlife.

    Second: Crops & Livestock begin to produce less and less and maybe even become diseased/die

    Third: The surrounding area starts to become infested with more and more undead

    Finally, the undead dragon rises and the world boss has arrived.

    The idea of the server slaying a world boss and then moving on, leaving the corpse of a powerful magical being to fester in its own hatred seems fun. Creating a healer-specific world quest that if neglected gives rise to not only a new world boss but also a series of plague-like effects for the surrounding node seems dynamic and amazing. Could also lend to ganking any healers trying to cure the corpse in order to rain misfortune on the enemy node. A series of unfortunate happenings gives life to the world and begins giving life to this new world boss, we will already hate them long before they spawn.

    This template could be changed/modified in a lot of ways to turn world bosses into an event that is longer than just a difficult fight.

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    After watching the live stream from a couple of months ago that featured resource gathering, I couldn’t shake the idea for a roaming world boss. Imagine a giant boar or bull that has a frequent attack pattern involving a powerful charge. This charge will destroy any resource nodes in its path, but if it hits a large enough tree or rock it will become stunned. Players may need to decide which resources are worth sacrificing to keep the boss stunned. If they aren’t careful, by the time the fight finishes they will be standing in a barren landscape. And I will leave to your imagination the implications of kiting the boss into a rival’s node.

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