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    Excuse the formatting, on mobile

    I think I remember hearing a while back that Intrepid will be hiring in-game moderators to help seek out cheaters and bots. This brought up a couple questions:

    1: Do you think they will stick to strictly game management or is there a possibility of other player interactions like GM events.

    2: Have you ever taken part in a GM event in another game? I’d love to hear about it.

    I have 2 distinct memories from my days playing EverQuest. Almost daily in one of the major cities, a GM would hang out shouting riddles and lore trivia. He would gift anyone who responded correctly some coin or an item. The other memory is probably the highlight of my mmo career. My group of 3 were hunting in Greater Faydark when all of the sudden we see a chat about a hunting down a unicorn. My group was the first to find the unicorn and started the fight. Over the next 10 minutes a massive mob was trying to kill this thing and we eventually bring it down.

    Like Simurgh, I 100% totally on my life did not ninja loot it but was somehow the first to pick up the items. I recall a helmet and breastplate. Not great stats but it looked pretty cool. The GMs gathered everyone who participated together and held a ceremony. I had to hand over the gear but was given a useful sword and the title “Okru, The Faydark Protector”.

    I’ve been chasing that high the past 15 years. I peaked too soon!

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    Watching the way Steven played in Alpha one and handing out gold to Asmongold and leveling people so they could experience high level gameplay and Steven talking in the global announcement system. This makes me think they ill allow GM’s to have fun with the community in similar ways.

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