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    A list of activities you would like to see in the game or have the members of guild participate together.

    “ON THE EDGE” Gliding Mount Cliff jumping: Hiking up to some of the highest peaks, cliffs, and mountains to take turns jumping off the edge and glide across Verra to a designated area below

    “SUIT UP” Costume Contest: Gather together in a Circle around one of Verra’s City Fountains or statues and Present your favorite Armor or fashion set and present them to the Guild leader or other Officers for Judging. Winner gets a photo op and a reward from the Guild Leader

    “MOUNT UP!” Mount Judging Contest: Gather all the Guild Members or Citizens of the Node to Judge the Best Mount that has been tamed or achieved. Winner gets a new mount or mount accessories

    “BATTLE OF THE BARDS” Music Concerts and Tavern Dancing: A night of dancing and music with the local Bards. All Bards will battle it out on stage at the local Tavern of choice and see who plays the best song of the night.

    “THE NEED FOR SPEED” Ground Mount Racing: Find a starting point and ending point map out a route and Have a ground mount race. Race through the hills and Valleys of Verra and take home the Gold.

    “BECOME LEGEND” Gladiatorial Arena 1v1 fights: Gather together at the biggest ruins, Arenas, circle in the market square or battleground of your choice and battle it out in a 1v1 Battle.

    “PUB CRAWL” Tavern Hopping and drinking: Meet at the local tavern and travel to each of the many Taverns of Verra and drink ourselves to oblivion with a night of music, games, stories, and drinking.

    “GAME NIGHT” Parlor Games: Meet at the local Tavern of choice and bring your heaviest sash of gold to wager in bets in parlor games.

    “FELLOWSHIP WALKABOUT” Exploration: Gather a group of guildies and travel the Lands of Verra searching for new areas of interest on horseback and return to your city with stories to tell

    “THE MOCKINGJAY” Story telling: Gather at the local Tavern and tell stories and recite poems and get some laughs with some jester jokes of your adventures.

    “BECOME THE WOLF” Hunting Parties: Gather a group of Hunters and go out into the deep woods for some hunting of large game.

    “HOOK IT!” Fishing parties: Take a few lads and head to the nearest stream, dock, or small fishing boat for some fishing. See who can reel in the most fish or hidden treasures from the sea.

    “SILVER & GOLD” Treasure Hunting: Pick a party to adventure out onto a ship and sail the open seas for some treasure hunting or tackle the deep caves of the under realm to find hidden treasures.

    “RAID” Group Raids: Self explanatory


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    With the addition of the latest live stream here is some more.

    “PROTECTORS of the FOREST” Farming & Gathering Parties: Venture out into the deep woods and Chop down trees also making sure to bring enough backup to watch the roads for other loggers and Bandits trying to steal our resources. Since the update we know Group gathering will now be a thing and less of a solo experience.

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