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    The latest news about naval combat and some really great conversations in Discord have caused me to step back and reevaluate my potential Ashes experience from a new perspective. I, like many of you, will not be able to no-life the game. As much as I’d like to do so, my job and familial duties come first. That leaves me a few hours each night to hop into the exciting world of Verra and try to have some meaningful experiences.

    I imagined myself running a shipyard, people coming to me to have the finest ships on the sea made for them. But the more I learn the more I see this as not quite a reality if I want to do anything else in the game. The time constraint means I will have to choose, go gathering for materials to have some smaller ships to sell, or make my way to the haunted ruins with a group of friends (kind of the point of a social game) and gain xp and potentially some loot to sell?

    I’m almost always going to choose to run with the group, especially if they really need another member. Leaving my aspirations of ship building to fall further and further behind. I’ll have to see how it all plays out come launch and perhaps a2 will provide further clarity as to how I can juggle things in game.

    I’m curious how you all, those of you with somewhat limited playtime at least, are planning on spending your early days in Verra. What will you set out to accomplish? How will you choose to spend your time?

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    I see myself in the world of Verra as a lone ranger at first exploring the world and mapping the land and taking note of all the resources that are around to gather and take stock of what will be required to build in the world of Verra. I will Hunt the local wild life for food and Learning the basic trades of survival like cooking and skinning and fashioning leather armors for the dangers of the world.

    “you must know your ground, your pack, and your quarry, I am the master of the Hunt.”

    Once I am established as a great hunter in the world I will continue my journey to find myself an established town to call home. The local Taverns will be my main resting place and a spot I will engage in Gambling and drinking with my Knights of the Phoenix clan.

    I will explore Verra with my clan and scan the mountain peaks to view Verra from an eagle’s eye and shifting through the thick forests and collecting Bear Hides, Wolf Pelts, and Stag Horns. I will track the most dangerous of beasts and hunt them all down to keep the lands safe. I will sail the seas and fish the dangerous waters and dive the depths of the deep sea for hidden treasures.

    Dungeons will be a weekend thing with my Knights of the Phoenix diving deep into the hidden caverns and hidden caves of Verra. I will help gather resources for my city and help build up its defenses with rock and stone. Riding my horse through open fields will be my way of travel and enjoyment with the breeze flying past me as my steed and I gallop across the land for new areas and finding the stories of the past to find out what the land has to offer us.

    Once I am established in the world and gather enough I will build my own Tavern and open it to my Knights and sell ale to the masses. I will also help guard Caravan transports for the citizens of the city and help the local economy grow and flourish.

    Beasts are what I know and tracking them isn’t the only thing know. I will train them and breed them and sell mounts to other adventurers.

    (I see myself playing on weekends and week nights tackling world bosses with my Knights and dungeons on weekends.)
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    Like the previous posts, real life obligations will keep me from no-lifing like I could in high school. That being said, I get s lot of vacation time from worm and plan to take a week off so I can do nothing but play.

    Group play almost always takes priority when j jump on. If people are raiding, running dungeons or just exploring together; I will try to tag along. When not running with guildies, I hope to be able to spend time in my freehold and immediate surrounding area. I tend to stay away from large cities unless a quest requires it.

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    I’d like to roam around Alpha 2 for a better idea of what a d how resource and mob spawn will be to do and plan out my gatherings. Will look to the Ashes Knights of the Phoenix to roam with as we mess up many times till the getting is good. Really looking forward to finding rare mats through mountains, forests, desert, and riverlands to come. I am hoping to play mostly cleric summon or rogue varieties see how it feels to venture around with a looming threat always possible. I do want to give the seas some time either caravan style or pirate life. But will have most of my time to hop in and play nights or weekends for sure. Will no life it as much as possible during all testing and launch to come. Glad to find the group we got good times soonTM.

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    I have to admit this got me thinking and reflecting. In reality, I am finding some similar feelings about Ashes of Creation and how I will play it or what my greater purposes will be when I do. I certainly wish to primarily focus on community and our overall good time together but where I use to believe my greatest focus would be on Raids and PvP I now am unsure. I am finding a lot of interest in economic growth and trade. This is a great discussion so I plan to share more about it this Sunday on the Ashes Pathfinders podcast and hope to see more community members contributing!

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    I would like to Add:

    I will be doing some farming as well growing crops and cooking food to sell in my Tavern. Simple Buffs and helpful healing foods will be provided to the guild. Drinks and potions created for distribution to the guild members. It will be fun to grow harvest and cook and progress through these skills.

    I will gather herbs while on my journeys and find potion recipies to craft as well.

    I will also be hosting Scouting parties to be sent out and roam the lands into enemy territories to spy and gather intel for future encounters and incursions.

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    I think for myself it will initially be just trying to figure out the game. I’ll try to focus some of my efforts towards perfecting my ship building. It will have to be a slow and steady thing, as I’m probably going to be like a lot of you, jumping in when my guild is doing things.

    I like the idea of stopping by Arthus’s tavern and having a drink after a day of gathering materials or searching for schematics for ships. I’m not sure if I’ll be fortunate enough to claim a freehold for myself, but it sounds like a great goal to shoot for. A place near the water to launch ships from maybe?

    I also like to hear that people won’t be solely focused on progression raiding or pvp. I’d be more than happy to lend a hand however I can to the growth of an economic node. Coin will always be valuable, and there’s really going to be a lot of ways to go about getting it. I’ll be interested in seeing how players can work together to ply their trades and skill sets towards furthering the advancement of an economic node.

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