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Freeholds are a unique type of player housing. Unlike static housing or apartments, players may only have one freehold per account. Freeholds are large player housing plots that can be placed anywhere within the Zone of influence of a parent node that is at the Village [stage 3] or higher.

Freehold Placement

Unlike static housing or apartments, freeholds can be placed nearly anywhere that lies within its parent node’s zone of influence, so long as it is not nearby any of the following (1) Pathing routes for trade caravans. (2) Each race’s beginning portal. (3) Other freeholds. (4) Hard terrain features, such as mountainsides, cliffs, or large bodies of water.

For a player to place a freehold they will first need a certificate from the parent node in order to place the plot of land. There will be a limited amount of space available for freeholds to be place, but the more advanced a node becomes, the more freeholds that can be built within its zone of influence.

Freehold Buildings

Once players have chosen the placement of their freehold they may choose to construct a unique building on the freehold. To construct these buildings, players will need to find a blueprint and then gather the appropriate resources. Once completed the building will give unique benefits to both the owner of the freeholds and anyone visiting. These bonuses could come in the form of access to services such as smelters, lumber yards, or mills. Or the owner may give players access to resources that they have produced on their property, such as farmed plants, or unique animals bred in the stables. Alternatively, the owner may choose to build a building that allows players to gather and socialize with one another, be that in the form of a shrine, an inn, or even a Guild Hall.