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Guild Wars

Guild Wars are in-game events where two or more guilds contest over set objectives. The objectives of a Guild War focus on both pre-set conditions in all guild wars and unique targets that vary depending on the assets of participating guilds. Like other objective-based events, Guild Wars take place in the prime-time window (3 PM – 9 PM) based on the server’s time zone.

An example of a Guild War objective is a Guild Hall or Guild Fortress. Guild Fortresses are siegeable guildhalls that serve as objectives in a Guild War. They differ from nodes and castles in that they can only be claimed through a Guild War.

Though the objectives will vary depending on the involved guilds’ progress and achievements, these wars count towards a guild’s standing in the server’s Guild Ladder. The only mechanics known at this time are:

  • A war declaration period
  • Objective-based components
  • Victory and surrender conditions
  • Guilds may war multiple guilds/alliances at a time.
  • Guild wars operate outside the PvP flagging system