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Player housing exists in several forms which are apartments, freeholds, and static housing.


Apartments are instanced spaces within a node hat offer limited housing functions. The number of available apartments increases by default as a node advances. More apartments can be unlocked if a mayor chooses to construct more apartment buildings (as there are available plots).


These are sizable player housing which can be located within the ZOI (zone of influence) of a Village (node stage 3 of higher). Limited to one per account and are 1/2 of an acre in size. These cannot be sold by players and upgrades become available as a node progresses and allows.

Static Housing

Provides a non-instanced player housing within a node (in node housing). Players will be able to purchase a small home or cottage at the Village stage of a nodes development (stage 3). The architecture style of housing is determined by the nodes racial influence.

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