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What is Ashes HQ?

Ashes HQ is the dedicated, community curated, information website that serves as a resource for the greater Ashes of Creation community. The focus is to cultivate theorycrafting, discussion, and analysis for Ashes of Creation. If you enjoy lore, class theory, game guides, and game update information then this is the place for you. It is also the home of the long time Ashes Pathfinders podcast!

Below you’ll find the creators who curate most of the resources and guides you will find here on the HQ.


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Phoenix (aka Simurgh) has been an avid supporter of the game since its discovery in late 2016. He has been an official content creator for Ashes of Creation since 2017. He leads the highly dedicated Ashes Pathfinders podcast which has the most consistent coverage of Ashes of Creation. He is the creator and leader of Ashes HQ and the guild [Virtue] which is the spearhead of his greater community. With a strong focus of community first he aims to help further develop a thriving community around Ashes of Creation that not only helps guide the success of every player but encourages the importance of genuine positive relationships through successful endeavors together. The HQ Team is a prime example of this focus.


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Easkeruth is the host of the Verra Today newscast and editor for Simurgh. He doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach and you can find him in the links above.


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HalfTilt has been following Ashes since mid 2020 and fell in love with the potential really quickly. It wasn’t long before he bought into the Alphas & Betas so he could help test and drive the game into the potential he saw. As a Content Creator he saw this as a great opportunity to build and integrate a strong community before the game would go live, as well as, build his brand into this niche. HalfTilt is eager to play with the community here and create some amazing content for the Ashes of Creation community!