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The Pantheon of the Gods

The beginning of the universe within Ashes of Creation was result of a group of gods. These ten deities formed the pantheon of gods. These  god’s represent different aspects of the universe, as well as feelings. Each god has a specific realm that they relate to in the world and its creation. Early in the creation of the universe the pantheon of gods was split. Some gods influence the corrupt side of beings that exist in the universe. The evil gods are the primary antagonists in the lore who defiled and perverted all of creation.

The Story of Creation

The story of creation tells us of a race of beings known as The Ancients. The Ancients were created in the likeness of what was once The Ten. The Ten imbued all of their qualities into one race to have stewardship over all of creation. The power of the Ancients grew and a rift divided The Ten as they fought over how to accommodate their new creation. Three of The Ten separated from the others and began to teach The Ancients the Secrets of the Essence. When the Seven learned of this, a great celestial battle ensued. Eons passed and as the fight continued within the celestial kingdom. Some say it was their fighting that created the stars and heaven we see today, with every blow between The Ten creating a star. When the battle was complete, The Others and The Ancients were banished by The Seven into the Void. The Seven found the error of their ways and decided to split their qualities into four races instead of one; this is how the Aela Humans, Pyrian Elves, Kaivek Orcs, and Dünzenkell Dwarves came to be.

The Harbingers

At first there were three distinct lights in the sky. They may not have been the brightest but they were bright enough to be seen by the world’s inhabitants. Some said they were a sign from the gods that the world would change. As days passed into months, and then into years, the lights seen in the night’s sky grew in number. The priests of temples began to refer to these lights as Harbingers. Each month that passed the lights grew brighter and larger in size. Day by day, The Harbingers loomed overhead, eventually visible even in the day’s sky.  Growing closer with each day, foreboding the fate that would befall Verra, until the day the people saw the falling lights of The Harbingers.

Verra’s Chosen

The Lightpact was an alliance created by the four major races of Verra in order to solve the mystery of the Harbingers. The Lightpact worked together putting aside all enmity in an effort to help the world. For the first time in a very long time no wars were fought and peace became a way of life for a time. It was The Lightpact that aided in the construction of the four Divine Gateways. One fateful day the stars fell, chaos reigned, and corruption began to spread. The Harbingers had come to Verra.

The Great Calamity

The time had come and Verra was besieged by a great calamity brought upon the world by the Others and The Ancients. Corruption had befallen the land and as a result nature became twisted and perverted. This perversion spawned hideous beings of many  descriptions from troll-like creatures to towering behemoths. Nothing could escape the touch of the corruption. In a great sacrifice The Phoenix (The Goddess of Creation)  was able to keep the divine gateways open for most of the population of Verra to escape to safety. Unfortunately for some of the people, escape from the planet would not be their fate. Creation had fallen, the gates were closed. Those who didn’t make it through the gateways would find themselves falling back to the planet to fight for survival. 

So the great Apocalypse had come to pass. It would see the people left behind fighting for their minds and with one another. Many would fall back to the great fortresses and strongholds of a world soon to be left in ruin as the many corrupted creatures and behemoths would make their way to cast a shadow over the survivors’ safe havens. Destiny at the door of so many broken defenses. Those who survived the onslaught would escape and flee into hiding as the world was lost to chaos and corruption.

The Exodus to Sanctus

Those Verrans who fled found themselves in a world void of any magic. This world, Sanctus, served as a safe haven for the majority of those who fled in The Exodus. The people were left to rediscover technology as much of the technology they had was based on magic. Over time, they shared tales of a world of high magic and an escape gifted to them by the gods. The story of the fall would indeed fall to the ages as myths and legends.

The Return

What has so long been buried has now risen once again. The gateways have reopened, reigniting the link to the ancient world of Verra. Great expeditions are being sent through to discover a beautiful and perilous magical realm. So now as we enter the gates…our story begins.