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  • Atrex Blademaster – Male Tulnar Lizardman
    Prim: Fighter
    Secondary: Tank
    Archetype: Dreadnought

  • —————————————————————————————————————-

    Mythnar Lightbringer – Male Empyrean Elf
    Prim: Highsword
    Secondary: Fighter
    Archetype: Cleric

    Background: A high elf brought up as a soldier holding a Spear, Sword and Shield and Healing through the pain of his wounds. A trusted guard of the Empyrean and guarding the walls of his city. Standing proud an…Read more

  • Arthus replied to the topic GUILD ACTIVITIES LIST in the forum General Discussion 11 months ago

    With the addition of the latest live stream here is some more.

    “PROTECTORS of the FOREST” Farming & Gathering Parties: Venture out into the deep woods and Chop down trees also making sure to bring enough backup to watch the roads for other loggers and Bandits trying to steal our resources. Since the update we know Group gathering will now be a…Read more

    A list of activities you would like to see in the game or have the members of guild participate together.

    “ON THE EDGE” Gliding Mount Cliff jumping: Hiking up to some of the highest peaks, cliffs, and mountains to take turns jumping off the edge and glide across Verra to a designated area below

    “SUIT UP” Costume…Read more

  • Class Skills:
    – Ranger Lasso or Bola to capture beasts or bind a player for a few seconds
    – Warrior Rend – Making the player bleed

    Altered Skills:

    Weapon Skills:

    – “combo” Multi slash combo
    – “I have the power” Power Up your sword with fire, ice, or poison(like in Game of thrones)
    – “Boomerang” Throw your weapon and have it return to you
    -…Read more

  • Since we talked about this topic in the stream I figured it would be cool to list them here. If you have any cool ideas for boss fight scenarios list them here.

    1. Super Boss Fight #1 a God that blots out the sun its so big

    2. Fighting an NPC known warrior from the past the reveals a lore drop if you win the battle

    3. when fighting a world boss…Read more

  • Arthus replied to the topic GM Interactions in the forum General Discussion 1 year ago

    Watching the way Steven played in Alpha one and handing out gold to Asmongold and leveling people so they could experience high level gameplay and Steven talking in the global announcement system. This makes me think they ill allow GM’s to have fun with the community in similar ways.

  • I would like to Add:

    I will be doing some farming as well growing crops and cooking food to sell in my Tavern. Simple Buffs and helpful healing foods will be provided to the guild. Drinks and potions created for distribution to the guild members. It will be fun to grow harvest and cook and progress through these skills.

    I will gather herbs…Read more

  • I see myself in the world of Verra as a lone ranger at first exploring the world and mapping the land and taking note of all the resources that are around to gather and take stock of what will be required to build in the world of Verra. I will Hunt the local wild life for food and Learning the basic trades of survival like cooking and skinning and…Read more

  • Tywin Oakenshield – Male Py’Rai Elf
    Prim: Fighter
    Secondary: Summoner
    Archetype: Bladecaller


    Raven Stonecrow – Male Py’Rai Elf
    Prim: Ranger
    Secondary: Summoner
    Archetype:…Read more

  • I feel like all classes should have some sort of healing weather it be a hunter’s healing brew, a warriors rage refill, a summoner’s phoenix summon which heals the player, or a rouge’s stealth stealing a heal from another player. There are many ways to incorporate healing into all classes. I also believe that this game’s customizations to the…Read more

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