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    I think I remember hearing a while back that Intrepid will be hiring in-game moderators to help seek out cheaters and bots. This brought up a couple questions:

    1: Do you think they will stick to strictly game management or is there a possibility of other player interactions like GM events.

    2: Have you ever…Read more

  • Like the previous posts, real life obligations will keep me from no-lifing like I could in high school. That being said, I get s lot of vacation time from worm and plan to take a week off so I can do nothing but play.

    Group play almost always takes priority when j jump on. If people are raiding, running dungeons or just exploring together; I…Read more

  • Although its not my cup of tea, I am 100% for artisan first progression. This brings me back to SWG where someones entire character can be based upon a crafting class which was unique and a cool thing to see.

    I think artisan skill will always have some ties to combat skill, especially when starting up. Unless you have a guild feeding you…Read more

  • With Steve confirming multiboxing will be allowed (with restrictions) what do you think about it. Ill post his quote below.

    By some stroke of luck, my wife agreed to play Ashes with me when it releases. I know for a fact that she will be MUCH more casual than I which got me thinking. Why put that account time to waste. You will not be able to…Read more

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