Ashes HQ
  • I think for myself it will initially be just trying to figure out the game. I’ll try to focus some of my efforts towards perfecting my ship building. It will have to be a slow and steady thing, as I’m probably going to be like a lot of you, jumping in when my guild is doing things.

    I like the idea of stopping by Arthus’s tavern and having a drink…Read more

  • The latest news about naval combat and some really great conversations in Discord have caused me to step back and reevaluate my potential Ashes experience from a new perspective. I, like many of you, will not be able to no-life the game. As much as I’d like to do so, my job and familial duties come first. That leaves me a few hours each night to…Read more

  • I’ll be honest. I hates pots. There I said it!

    I’ve always felt like potting was this really tedious thing to do in battle. Here I am, badass warrior about to go into combat… “okay lead we need a pull countdown so we can all drink our pots right before combat starts to get the most out of them” … Okay, fine. We drink and start the fight. I’m…Read more

  • I have a character concept in my head, but my knowledge of the Ashes’ lore is so limited that I haven’t dedicated and details of a backstory down yet. I will most likely have two characters and only two characters. I’ll detail what I hope will be my main here.

    Krokar Kott
    Alias: Meathooks
    Race: Dunir
    Archetype: Dreadnought…Read more

  • I’ve rarely played full healing role. Just not my style, but I will add my two cents from the perspective of someone who enjoys support roles.

    I appreciate a game that does not say, “you are x class, you are the healer and you will do nothing but babysit the party.” Games like Guild Wars 2, Lost Ark, Overwatch even certain class specs in WoW have…Read more