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Military Nodes

Military nodes are focused on combat and class training. Combat ability and prestige is the center core for this node type.

Unique Node Buildings

Each node type has a variety of unique node buildings that are associated with it and can be activated at the Village stage of a node’s advancement. Unique buildings play a key role on the node’s progress and overall impact of the world server.

Military node buildings include Barracks.

Node Government

Military node mayors are chosen from citizens through via a last person standing combat style similar to gladiatorial style arenas. It has been discussed that a player may be able to assign a champion (instead of players) to participate in these arenas. These champions could be equipped with gear and skills via quests, along with materials and gold which would make the champion stronger. Intrepid Studios believes this will help with creating a fair system for 1v1 PvP, as this PvP style is not intended to be balanced in Ashes of Creation normally.

It should be noted that it is still unclear if this method will be utilized or not and is subject to change.

Node Super Power

It is currently unknown what superpower is unlocked when a military node reaches the metropolis stage.