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Monster Coin Events

These are dynamic events triggered by player activity. Monster Coins aren’t used to start the events, and can only be used once the event has begun. The monsters spawned in the event attack nodes and players. Nodes cannot be destroyed or de-levelled by Monster Coin events. Monsters may attack and shut down certain buildings or NPCs in a node if not stopped. Successfully defending against a Monster Coin event rewards players with cosmetic rewards

Monster Coin Progression

There is a progression system to level a player’s monster skills based on how often they participate in Monster Events. As a node advances, so does the scale of the monsters. There are tiers of events denoting the caliber of the monsters that can be spawned. The tier of the monster dictates how powerful the monster will be. The tiers of monster coins are Legion, Elite, and Epic.

Legion monster coin events are common and occur up to the Village stage (node level 3) and include small hordes of monsters. Elite monster coin events occur between Village to Metropolis stages (node level 3-6) and include dungeon level bosses and mobs. Epic monster coin events are legendary events that occur between the City and Metropolis stages (node level 5-6) and include legendary bosses.

Monster Coin Acquisition & Use Rules

Monster Coins are rare loot drops or can be purchased from the cosmetic store. Monster Coins can only be used during Monster Coin events. There will be server-wide messages when a Monster Coin event starts. If no players use their Monster Coins for an event, all the monsters will be controlled by AI. Once a monster has been controlled by a Monster Coin it cannot be controlled by another. Monster Coin events cannot start just before or during a node siege. Citizens cannot control monsters that are attacking their home node. Monster Coins cannot be traded.