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In order to navigate the vast world of Verra, players will need to seek out faster modes of travel to achieve their goals. Players will receive a beginner mount while questing in the starter camps and from there can take several paths to obtain an improved mount such as taming, animal husbandry, and players who sell them.

Mounts are living creatures in the world of Verra and can be killed. In the event of death, mounts can be resurrected as often as needed and are immortal. This immortality applies to most mounts with the exception of a special class of mounts referred to as “Tier 3 mounts”.

Though most of the mounts encountered in the game will likely be ground mounts meant for one rider, there are a diversity of unique mounts that specialize in other modes of travel such as party travel, aquatic travel, gliding from high altitudes, and the select few mounts capable of flight.

Mount Tiers

When classifying mounts, Creative Director Steven Shariff used a tier system to categorize mounts by how they interact with the world.

Ground Mounts & Mules [Tier 1]

Tier 1 mounts form a wide array of ground mounts varying from all parts of Verra. These mounts are focused on navigating the land and have mount actions to assist players with that.

Mules are dedicated land mounts with an emphasis on transporting goods, resources, and gatherables. These mounts increase a player’s carrying capacity but act as a separate inventory for PvP purposes. They will drop a percentage of goods upon death as dictated by the player’s combatant status and will despawn for a period of time in the event of a player’s death.

Gliding Mounts [Tier 2]

Tier 2 mounts are advanced mounts capable of gliding, jumping, and/or floating. Mounts found in this tier are defined by their unique mount abilities and allowing players to interact with Verra and reach places unreachable by foot.

Royal Mounts & Undermounts [Tier 3]

This tier of mounts exclusively belongs to the mounts capable of flight. Unlike many other MMOs, there are only ten flying mounts on a server that players can earn for a limited time. These mounts are roughly 4 times larger than gliding mounts, capable of flying 30 minutes straight at a time, and can be utilized anywhere in the world.

These ten mounts are only awarded to the Regional Monarchs and Metropolis Mayors. The select few who obtain these mounts only have them as long as they maintain the title of Regional Monarch or Metropolis Mayor.

Outside of these ten mounts, the only other mounts capable of flight are either temporary Undermounts or legendary eggs dropped from legendary raid bosses.

Undermounts are temporary flying mounts a Regional Monarch can bestow upon five officers during a castle siege day.

It should be noted that there are legendary eggs that can drop from a legendary raid that can be raised to hatch into a temporary flying mount. The egg’s incubation period varies per egg and the hatched mount will have a limited lifespan.

Aquatic Mounts [Tier A]

Tier A mounts excel in aquatic environments and move faster than any other mount in the water. While capable of moving very slowly on land, these mounts will have traits and skills focused on thriving in an aquatic environment.

Mount Stats

Mounts will interact differently from one another as each mount has measured values that dictate how players can use them in the world of Verra. These mounts will have base values upon being tamed and can be improved upon through gearing. These values include:

  • Mount Skills
  • Health
  • Speed
  • Combat Effectiveness
  • Accuracy
  • Damage Mitigation

More than simple aesthetics, players specializing in animal taming and husbandry are capable of breeding mounts with improved stats. Breeders can also impact unique mount traits and mount skills.

Gearing Mounts

Players will be able to craft and purchase mount gear that will affect their mount’s stats. An example of this system would be equipping a saddle that increases the mount’s speed.