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The Naval System

Naval content includes NPCs found in events, quest chains, and roaming parties such as sailing NPCs, fortresses, frigates, galleon ships, raid bosses, quest givers, and general sea-based NPCs.

Mariner Classes

Naval content is accompanied by its own dedicated skill trees for players to invest in. The system structure is based on the Artisanship skill trees. Players gain experience in these mariner classes as they perform their respective roles and actions during voyages.  Some skills mentioned so far are gunnery, piloting, navigation, boat repair, ship components, defensive skills, and utility-based skills.

The developers have discussed that they intend for players to navigate via a spyglass that gives direction and skims the horizon. This would be opposed to “radar” navigation.

To learn more be sure to check out Mariner Classes.


Harbors are automatically, yet randomly, generated on the coasts of coastal nodes being developed past a particular stage. Harbors will serve as a major maritime hub as a popular target of coastal node quests, naval content quest hub, and where ships can be upgraded depending on the decisions of the node mayor.

Naval Trade Routes

Players can utilize NPCs to establish naval trade routes. The ability for a mayor or citizens to set up NPC routed trade routes between nodes as a trade agreement or as a diplomatic process will be significant from a diplomatic standpoint.

Underwater Dungeons

Plenty of standalone points of interest unique to naval content will exist waiting to be discovered by players exploring Verra. Content such as underwater dungeons, fortresses, lost cities, and more will await players who brave the open seas.

Coastal & Island Nodes

oastal and Island nodes will have unique access to naval content and related actions as their quest lines will be influenced by the sea. The harbors and surrounding naval content will have specific events and spawn tables unique to coastal and island nodes. These nodes may also be besieged by sea if players choose to do so.