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Alpha 1 Patch Notes | August 5, 2021

Split Body A/B Testing Added

Encouraging and welcoming testers to discuss split-body and root motion! To toggle split-body vs root-motion, press “,”

Enabled the following weapons for A/B Testing:

  • Spears
  • Staffs
  • 2H Swords
  • 2H Axes
  • 1H Swords


  • Prevented refunding and purchasing of skills during combat
  • Devotion should now always hit
  • Fixed projectiles to home in on targets rather than orbit the target
  • Fixed many tank abilities that were not generating any threat
  • Prismatic beam will no longer increase target movement speed
  • Fixed a number of tank ability cooldowns being shared
  • Clarified some tooltip text
  • Castigation cooldown increased from 15 to 18
  • Fixed Javelin and Onslaught to not lock players for a significant amount of time


  • Teleporter to the Wyrmling boss has been fixed
  • Ferryman teleport landing radius increased and spacing adjusted
  • Pyroclastic Wyrm escape teleporter added, so players are no longer trapped for an eternity (I was just following the Apparition…)


  • Fixed foliage sometimes appearing black in the shadows
  • Fixed environmental mountains
  • Fixed waterfall draw distance issues
  • Fixed a bug with the ocean causing popping appearances
  • Fixed a bug with ocean animations on player spawn in
  • Ocean updated
  • Tropical trees and plants updated
  • Updated underwater visuals for river near the portal spawn area
  • Fixed lighting bug in the Pyroclastic Wyrm room when players teleport in
  • Various foliage fixes
  • Environment optimizations
  • Fixed floating mayor desks and cart clipping issues
  • Removed legacy service building plot signs from some nodes
  • Fixed shadow casting bug while transitioning into spooky dungeons
  • Several visible world seams fixed
  • Pirate Cove lighting adjustments


  • Replaced some old NPCs with newly-designed NPCs
  • Removed unwanted EXP reward from bird people
  • Bosses and large NPCs are now immune to CCs/pulls
  • Bosses now have high accuracy
  • Spawning/death and hit reaction animations modified for Animated Armor
  • Adjusted corpse looting lifetimes
  • Fixed Blacksmith construction manager spelling error
  • Removed flame gladiator patrol
  • Fixed Tidebreaker double spawns
  • Fixed Elder Dragon death animations playing multiple times
  • Sladeborne NPCs can now be killed
  • FIsherman’s name is now Fisherman, and he will now no longer be underwater (to think like the fish, you must be the fish…)
  • Lava Bear Den Mothers updated, now includes extra lava
  • Fix for bears repeating death animations
  • Death animation transitions for spider demons
  • Jermaine can now be killed (time for vengeance…)
  • Forest Dragon buffed and adjusted
  • Flangler nameplates hidden until provoked
  • General movement speed increased
  • Hermit NPC no longer spawns friends
  • Dead Body NPCs now have arms and hair
  • Quickfeet questline can now be completed
  • Elder Dragon of the Forest speed and kit mechanics tweaked
  • Increased leash range on Elder Dragon of the Forest
  • Elder Ice Dragon damage increased and curse ability fixed
  • Adolescent Ice Dragon spawn rate decreased and behaviors modified
  • Elder Flame Dragon damage increased and added missing fire breath ability
  • Fixed pathing for NPCs in the Dwarven Fishing Village
  • Pyroclastic Wyrm movement fixes and flying fixes
  • Pyroclastic Wyrm equipment drops added
  • Added NPC idle animation randomizer to stop synchronous idle animations
  • Rock Monster adjusted and bugs fixed
  • EXP multiplier of elites reduced from 8x to 3x
  • Fixed Brood Queen hit reactions
  • Pyroclastic Wyrm dungeon population edited
  • Adjusted boss respawn timers for Alpha One; maximum respawn is capped at 1 hour +/- 15 minutes
  • Some boss respawn timers adjusted to 10 minutes
  • Increased the damage of elite NPCs and adjusted some of their behaviors
  • Adjusted populations to prevent NPCs from wandering into nodes
  • Fixed infinite spawns for Yolga and Alora
  • Fixed Fellbeak Macaw hit reactions
  • Terrorbird added – this is a bird which also is very terrifying, therefore it is a terrorbird which includes feathers, because it is a bird

Reliquary Dungeon

  • Removed some spooky spiders
  • Added teleporter at the end of the dungeon


  • Atlas errand locked behind moving to objectives and providing correct answers
  • Darian Laurent quest completion and dialogue fixes
  • Scholar Rhea’s dialogue updated, quests slightly modified
  • Crafting and charcoal crafting tutorial quests rebalanced
  • Nerfed Flame Sieve quest item damage and healing
  • Added level requirements to some reward accessories and quest items
  • Removed some sources of excessive EXP
  • Jescha NPC bonuses can no longer be infinitely stacked
  • Where Art Thou quest adjustments
  • Crashing Through quest adjustments
  • Removed shared party credit for quests with interactables
  • Xandelv reward items now have options for tanks

Guilds & Group Play

  • Guild invite widget typo fixed
  • Guild names can now include spaces
  • Fixed bugs with inviting/leaving guilds
  • Group XP bonuses and penalties tuned


  • Fixed node housing prices
  • Fix for some players being unable to purchase a house


  • Fixes for mounts spawning in the air and for being launched while dismounting
  • Fixes for sprint after mounting or dismounting
  • Sprint state added to Tidebreaker mount
  • Changed movement stats and prices
  • Added new icons and descriptions
  • Added abilities to land mounts (only sprint variations for now)
  • Mounted players can now be tab targeted


  • Fixed doors not opening on some occasions
  • Fixed falling through the world on login
  • Potential fix for falling through the world post-login
  • Improved player interactions while mounted
  • Crafting now consumes schematics
  • Added keybind functionalities for sprint
  • Fix for floating harvestables
  • Targeting improvements for dead players
  • Added potion cooldown time in item descriptions
  • Fixed dodge movement for observers
  • FPS can now be limited between 24-240
  • Significant performance updates for nameplates and minimap


  • Fixes for wand projectile effects incorrectly doubling
  • Removed wand projectile extra sparks
  • Reduced the underwater blur effect
  • Fixed particles from some lingering zone effects and beams not being cleaned up
  • Audio FX for dodging
  • Updated Prismatic Beam effects
  • Fiery materials will now no longer turn purple
  • Fixed replaying death animations for NPCs with loot


  • Player level added to targeting UI
  • Join/leave party/raid messages moved to above the hotbar
  • Black raid frame should not persist after leaving a raid group
  • Fixed black background for most recent raid member
  • Siege callouts modified
  • Fixed crafting UI bug
  • Added GM nameplates and coloring
  • Guild nameplate fixes
  • Updated breathing while underwater
  • Quest and Chat will no longer automatically close if manually opened
  • UI representation for gravestone loot locations


  • Camera rotation issue fixed


  • PVP flagging while casting or after doing damage disabled
  • Players now become flagged after casting offensive projectiles
  • Adjusted the corruption reduction on NPC kill amount
  • Fixed a bug with players becoming incorrectly corrupted after killing with DOT effects
  • Fixed some bugs with heavy desync issues relating to movement and ability usage


  • Fixed a bug with ballista crate spawning
  • Fixed a bug with players entering action mode upon exiting ballistae
  • Fixed a bug where players would be stuck sitting if they end the siege while sitting in a trebuchet
  • Fixed players being able to declare guild wars during an active siege match
  • Plant draw distances adjusted
  • Sieges are no longer delayed by 24 hours after server restart
  • Fixed typo in siege signup dialogue

Alpha 1 Patch Notes | July 22, 2021


  • Fixed level unloading (Spawning or Respawning under terrain)
  • Fixed lighting issues near dungeons
  • Road foliage tweaked near starting area


  • Fixes for initial Animated Armor population


  • Fix for gold exploits
  • Fix for purchasing houses


  • Increased Pyroclastic Wyrmling Boss HP from 50k to 150k


  • Fixed invisible rider bug
  • Fixed teleporting while mounted
  • Fixed player movement desync on dismount
  • Fixed mount launching into the air, spawning in the air, and walking prematurely in the air
  • Fixed issues with mount dismounting


  • Added the ability to cap FPS
  • Fix for logging into the game in “first person” mode
  • Players will now be teleported if they manage to reach outside of the map’s boundaries
  • Fix for walking on initial load

Alpha 1 Patch Notes | July 15, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Guild Nameplates – Fix introduced to fix tags around guild display on character nameplate 
  • Siege Gear Vendor – This NPC has been removed from the Alpha One Testing environment
  • Siege Ballista – Now when exiting the ballista players are no longer defaulted to action mode camera 
  • Siege Ballista – Interacting with the siege ballista crate will now spawn a ballista Sorrows Hunger – Movement and animation fixes 
  • Crafting UI – Refresh bug and persistence for crafted items fixed 
  • Brood Queen – Hit react bug resolved 
  • Elite mobs – Exp table fixed, and damage values fixed 
  • Devotion – skill fixed now to always hit 
  • Corpses – Corpse lifetime has been adjusted to remain shortly after looting looting – Adjusted item callouts and added FX to corpses 
  • Ancients – Fly speed jitters fixed, clamped throw max speed, adjusted AoE frequency, scaled up damage to appropriate values and added enrage 
  • FX Experience scale – Corrected overall exp gradient post lvl 6 
  • Wyrm – corrected HP values, added loot tables, corrected flight stage and behavior tree issues Dodge – Corrected lack of sound FX and added attenuation 
  • Astrolabe- Sound attenuation fix 
  • Group Exp – Corrected group exp bonuses and penalties 
  • Mayoral desk – Removed rogue mayor’s desk floating around town Forest dragon – puddle cleanup fixed in some instances 
  • VFX – Fixed issues with particles being orphaned and lingering 
  • CC Immunity – For bosses have been fixed 
  • Lighting – In the wyrm dungeon has been fixed in boss room 
  • Wand projectiles – VFX playing double has been fixed 
  • Wynden’s dialogue – Quest completion issues resolved 
  • Nightbloom quest -remove party shared credit on nightbloom quest. increase marker radius for “Unleashed” first objective 
  • Egg – Fixed interact and added collision to it 
  • Multiple UI and VFX – Various fixes included across skills and UI issues

Balance Changes

  • Resource gathering – Additional resources will now be given when gathering, and number of resource nodes across the world have been increased
  • Dungeons – variable population changes, and new abilities added to the den mother and flamescarred corrupters 
  • Castigation – Increased base cooldown of rank 1 Castigation from 15 to 18, and changed 2nd rank upgrade from an instant heal to a cooldown reduction back down to 15, for overall nerf to the ability.
  • Quest reward – General exp changes across several quests 
  • Dragons – General balance changes on damage, radius of AoE’s and other things Charcoal – Rebalanced crafting


  • Several steps were taken to address the repeated DDOS probes and malicious actors in game.