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Processing utilizes the refining of raw materials that the player obtains from gathering and/or item deconstruction. It will require a blueprint in order to construct buildings needed to process these types of resources. The player is able to place these on freehold plots to process resources collected.

Processing professions include Animal Husbandry and Smelting.

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is a profession in Ashes of Creation. Very little is known about animal husbandry at this time. Animals found through taming can be bred to discover a variety of species variants with untold powers and abilities. Mounts such as horses are an early pathway into the animal husbandry profession. Animal husbandry will be an explorative profession.

Breeding mechanics in animal husbandry will have discoverable blends of breeding. Rare creatures can be captured and tamed to breed animals with specific traits. Royal mounts from dropped eggs (like dragons) may be cultivated by animal husbandry artisans with a high enough stable upgrade on their freehold, although these mounts aren’t breedable. Mounts bred through animal husbandry can be sold.

Some breedable stats include speed, health, armor, and energy.

The compendium of acceptable parameters for breeding won’t be known until players discover it. Genetic lines are based on the type of mount or creature captured and tamed. There are stages of development (youngling to adult). A modified character creation system allows for the customization of mounts and pets.


Smelting is a profession in Ashes of Creation. Examples of smelting include the processing of raw ore into ingots which can be used in a variety of crafting professions. Little is known about the overall smelting profession.