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Player vs Environment [PvE]

In Ashes of Creation the Node system allows the world to generate PvE content such as Dungeons, Raids, Quests, & Monster Coin events. As the node system is foundational within the game the PvE content will adapt to the ever changing development of the world and this aids in avoiding repetition.


It is not a goal for questing in Ashes of Creation to create a sense of a forced narrative in gameplay that may not feel as if it fits to what is happening in the world. As a result of this the quests found in Ashes of Creation can be categorized as Events, Tasks, and Narrative Quests.


Dungeons will range in size and will mostly be open-world [about 80%]. These dungeons will be populated to ensure they can facilitate multiple groups. Instanced dungeons are also present and will be focused around solo play and group questlines. Groups size in Ashes of Creation maxes at 8 players for a party and so this is the max group size for dungeons. Dungeon difficulty will increase based on the depth the player(s) progress further into the dungeon. For this reason Mob and mob mechanics will increase as will terrain and environmental dangers.


Raids will either be based on some triggered event in the world or by traditional systems. Traditional world bosses that exist in the world as a raid boss will also change by node development. Raids in Ashes of Creation are intended to be high difficulty and require a 40 person group to complete.

Monster Coin Events

Monster coins enable players to play as certain monsters within the game’s event system. This can range from playing as a horde of monsters, to playing as a dragon. Monster coins events are system spawned events and require the use of a monster coin to participate in playing as a monster.

To learn more check out Monster Coins.

Naval Combat

Players will engage with quests that have them seek out NPCs and points of interest out in the ocean. In addition, underwater dungeons and treasure hunting will be present for players to have a reason to explore naval content. Some examples of additional PvE content include deep-sea fishing, open sea raids, and hunt sea-based bosses.

Corrupt Areas

Corrupt areas still exist in the world of Verra and as a node develops so can these corrupt areas. These areas will be sources of NPC events that players will need to address or else they may grow out of hand. There will also be events that lead to the spreading of corruption and players must work together to fight it back and protect the material plane.