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Player Versus Player [PvP]

In Ashes of Creation player conflict is the catalyst for change for the game. Player combat is intended to be meaningful. Some reasons to engage in open world PvP include gathering resources, hunting grounds, caravan battles, sieges, and guild wars. Object-based events like Node Sieges, Castle Sieges, Node Wars, and Guild Wars are expected to always take place within the prime-time window which is expected to be somewhere between 3PM-9PM server time, however, this is subject to testing.

It should be noted that Ashes of Creation is a non-faction based MMORPG and so no factions exist aside from those created by the player based (Pseudo-Factions).

Player Flagging

The flagging system is utilized in open-world PvP situations and it is designed to deter players from griefing one another. Players can participate in plenty of open-world PvP with each other without “ganking” or griefing one another. The goal is that penalties for griefing and spawn camping will be sever enough to deter this type of behavior. The following are the three levels of flagging for open-world PvP in Ashes of Creation:

  • Non-Combatant: This is the normal status of all players who are not flagged for PvP combat.
  • Combatant: Players become flagged as a combatant if they carry out a forced attack on another player. This also includes players using pets or summons to carry out the forced attack. If the attacked player does fight back they also become flagged as a combatant. If a player does not fight back then they will remain a non-combatant.
  • Corrupted: Players become flagged as corrupt when they kill a player who remains a non-combatant and does not fight back. Becoming corrupt multiplies death penalties and will cause the corrupt player to become trackable by bounty hunters. A player’s corruption score increases with each non-combatant they kill, however, they may kill bounty hunters without incurring additional corruption. Non-combatants may kill corrupt players without becoming flagged as a combatant.

It should be noted that player’s are not able to flag on members of the same party, raid, guild, or alliance. Flagging can not be manually set and relies on player engagement in a combat scenario.

To learn more about player corruption check out Corruption.

Open World Battlegrounds

Open-World Battlegrounds are the open world PvP zones in the world that flag the player as a Combatant. These areas will mostly revolve around Caravans, Node Sieges, Castle Sieges, and objective-based Guild Wars. Any Non-Combatant player who enters an open world battleground will automatically become flagged as combatants and remain flagged for a period of time after leaving the open world battleground. It should be noted that players do not gain a death penalty in objective-based events like caravans, guild wars, or node sieges.


Arenas are instanced PvP scenarios that are not a part of the open world of Verra. Arenas will have 1 person, 3 person, and 5 person group sizes. There may also be 20 person group sized arenas. Arenas are planned to be a Free-For-All Deathmatch style arenas system.

To learn more check out Arenas.


The caravan system is an open world PvP initiative that is the definition of risk vs reward in Ashes of Creation. Caravans are an open world PvP system revolving around opportunity and risk. They facilitate the transfer of goods for players who aim to participate in trade and make nice profit. These will often be used to ensure supplies are delivered to castles or in between nodes. As a result of their usefulness and importance they will often be targets by opposing players of pseudo-factions or even those just wanting to turn a bit of profit as a reward for their combat ability.

To learn more check out Caravans.


There are two types of sieges in Ashes of Creation and they are Castle Sieges and Node Sieges.

Castle Sieges occur once a month within server prime-time windows (3PM – 9PM Server Time). Guilds will participate in castle sieges in an effort to capture one of the five guild castles that exist in Ashes of Creation. Once a guild captures the castle they will own it for one month. Owning a castle will be a major feat for any guild and will have a major impact on the surrounding nodes. For this reason they will be a very vital point to control on the world map.

Node Sieges enable players to destroy nodes and these events can be very beneficial to those aiming to unlock content in surrounding nodes. As a result of this dynamic politics and intrigue will be a massive component to how content and the world are shaped from one server to the next.

To learn more about sieges check out Castle Sieges and Node Sieges.

Naval Combat

Players are allowed to both attack other players and even hijack player ships in certain circumstances. If the operator of a ship’s weapons platform wants to initiate naval PvP, one of the following must be true:

  • The player is at war with the target due to an existing event
  • The ship is in an area that automatically flags players for PvP
  • The player flags for PvP in accordance with the standard corruption system

Hunting Grounds

Hunting grounds are open world PvP corruption-enabled areas that encompass the majority of the map. Within hunting grounds players may kill monsters of NPC’s in the open world. Hunting grounds also refer to contested areas where resources may be gathered by players.