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Each server in Ashes of Creation houses the same story and setting but as Nodes develop and players make choices differently from server to server there will be different narratives that become available. This is why things that occur on one server may not occur on another. This is one of the things about the game that fascinates so many people, the potential for the same worlds with different realities from server to server. The overarching narrative is that players are the returning children of Verra coming back to a world only known to them in fables and history recorded by their people. As a result Quests in Ashes of Creation focus on important story arcs and are delivered in the form of Personal, Cultural, and Regional quest lines. Storyline arcs can have multiple stages and these quest stages can be failed. One’s ability to retry a quest depends on a node’s progression. Quests can also be different based on the stages of nearby nodes, seasonal events, or events like world bosses. Certain story arcs may be unlocked at Bulletin Boards and many quests will require that certain criteria are met in order to be unlocked or become available to the player. Epic and Legendary quests that exist affect the narrative of the game and unlock gated content. Legendary items or weapons may also unlock further chapters of the lore.


Tasks are similar to quests, however, these won’t have excessive amounts of text and are intended to be node-based objectives that are narrative based. Tasks will come and go in regional areas over time and react to events in the world of Verra. These aren’t quite the same as dailies like one would experience in other MMORPGs as these tie in specifically to the world’s development, as opposed to some typical daily chore one feels forced into doing lest they fall behind in some area of the game.