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Raids will either be based on some triggered event in the world or by traditional systems. Traditional world bosses that exist in the world as a raid boss will also change by node development. Raids in Ashes of Creation are intended to be high difficulty and require a 40 person group to complete. Raids have different dynamics that will change from one encounter session to the next. Some of these factors include the number of bosses, mobs, and the raids skill repertoire present. Many of these variables are expected to be manifested based on a node’s progression status. Raid tiers and difficulty are also related to the world’s node structure.

Remember in Ashes of Creation due to Nodes and each server’s progression storylines and content can unfold very differently from server to server.

Raid Bosses

There are intended to be 12 to 15 raid bosses in the world at launch. Certain world bosses have stages of progression, such as defeating different tiers of mobs or NPC’s before the world boss itself. Each stage of progression becomes increasingly difficult. It is likely that different stages of boss encounters may be parsed out in different time periods or even based on certain development aspects of the world.

It should be noted that only a single digit percentage of the population will be capable of defeating certain content. It should also be noted that legendary equipment will only be dropped by legendary world bosses