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Pantheon of the Gods

The ten deities within Ashes of Creation form a pantheon of gods that existed in a realm outside of the material plane. The gods represent different aspects of the Universe, and feelings as well. As a result of a celestial struggle among them they were fractured into good and evil. Some gods influence the corrupt side of being that exist in the universe. The gods are beings of and masters of the essence.

Order of the Seven

The orders of the seven are religious organizations that directly correspond to the seven grand temples of Verra. Some of the known orders are the Order of Hope (Resna), the Order of Fate (Norlan), and the Order of Truth (Shol). Within the temples of the seven there exist different levels of organizations that call on only the most devout followers to serve.

Temples & Shrines

Temples are types of buildings in Ashes of Creation that can be unlocked at the village stage (node 3) of a Divine Node. Temples built in nodes progress a religion within Verra. There will be competition between religions to build their temple in nodes with vacant temple slots.

Players who progress far enough could unlock the ability to build a shrine on their freehold plot. Shrines can grant access to certain tithes that can be made to a deity. These will likely be stepping stones to unlock deeper progression pathways. Shrines will not provide the same benefits as temples but are the close runner up and it may be possible to pay to use another player’s freehold shrine.


There are player progression paths within religions and players may only follow one religion at a time. Religious progression is based on quests that are only offered to followers of that religion. Each religion will have a ranking system based on a player’s performance through the questlines and number of quests completed. It should be noted that changing religions will cause a loss of ones progress in a player’s previous religion.

Benefits & Augments

As players progress their rank via their religion of choice they will be able to gain access to benefits such as unique titles that can unlock special abilities or stats that can be utilized during sieges or events. There will also be unique item shops, discounts, augments, recipes, and roles that can open during node sieges.

Religions allow a player to apply unique augments that can be applied to a player’s primary skills. These types of augments can only be achieved through top tier achievements within religions. Each religion has a ranking system based on a player’s performance in the religion quest system.


Players do not have to choose to follow a religion, however, it is likely one may miss out on significant aspects of the game and some forms of augmentation as a result of doing. It should be noted that athiesm doesn’t exist in Ashes of Creation because the gods exist and have a direct impact on the world and lore.

Tulnar Religion

The Tulnar religion is a combination of religious beliefs of the major races as well as pagan beliefs of the minor races over time as they had coexisted together in the Underrealm.