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Scientific Nodes

Scientific nodes are focused on Artisan Classes and construction. The buildings for learning are the center core for this node type.

Unique Node Buildings

Each node type has a variety of unique node buildings that are associated with it and can be activated at the Village stage of a node’s advancement. Unique buildings play a key role on the node’s progress and overall impact of the world server.

Scientific node buildings include the Library, College, University, and Academy.

Node Government

Scientific node governments are elected through a democratic process although the records of who voted and for whom are not published. It is still unclear how the overall process will be managed specifically.

Node Super Power

Scientific nodes that reach the metropolis stage unlock the Teleportation superpower. Citizens of this node metropolis type can teleport between the metropolis and any of its vassal nodes regardless of the vassal nodes stage. Citizens of these vassal nodes may also travel back and forth between their metropolis node and back. When multiple metropolis scientific nodes exist then an airship will be provided for faster travel between those scientific metropolises for citizens of those nodes and their vassal nodes.

It should be noted that if a metropolis or vassal node is at war then none of the citizens can travel to the location currently at war.