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Social Organizations

Social organizations are a bit like factions but without flagging mechanics. Social organization’s are run by NPCs. Players who are a part of these organizations in the game have the opportunity to obtain ranks that will grant some influence over the organizations.

There are three types of social organizations: the Scholar’s Academy, Thieves’ Guild, and the Trader’s Company.


Players can progress through social organizations by accomplishing tasks or quests. These quests pertain to specific questlines for the organization’s narrative and theme. They can either be cooperative or adversarial against other nodes based on any mutual war status. Progression routes include elements of sabotage, espionage, and intrigue. Social organizations will unlock augments for player skill development.

Joining & Leaving

Players may only pledge loyalty to one social organization at a time. Social organizations are system-generated and not run by players. A player can switch organizations; however, it will come at a cost of losing all progression for their previous social organization.


These organizations grant up to 3 or 4 augments based on the player’s progression in the organization and whether the organization is the patron of their node (contributing the most amount of work to the node via its members). Progress within the organization offers different rewards such as titles, access to special shops, and abilities that can be used during node sieges or other events. They can also offer special cosmetics for appearances or furniture for player housing as well as benefits for certain artisan professions, including tools (improved gathering or special fishing lures), blueprints (processing infrastructure for building on freeholds), and mount certificates (animal husbandry).