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Artisan professions in Ashes of Creation are split into three distinct categories which are Gathering, Processing, and Crafting. Crafters will be able to assign different skills, abilities, and stats on gear. Not every crafter can master everything so as a result a player must choose a path within the artisan skill tree for each of the three paths and may only ever master one of these paths on their character.

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The Node system allows the world to generate PvE content such as Dungeons, Raids, Quests, & Monster Coin events. As the node system is foundational within the game the PvE content will adapt to the ever changing development of the world and this aids in avoiding repetition.

Player conflict is the catalyst for change for the game. Player combat is intended to meaningful. Some reasons to engage in open world PvP include gathering resources, hunting grounds, caravan battles, sieges, and guild wars. 

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Economies in Ashes of Creation can be broken down into 3 distinct areas, the first is the Regional Market. Unlike other MMOs Markets in Ashes of creation are not global, but are instead regionally based. The second area is the Caravan system, Where Players transport resources from one node to another. The final system is the Artisan system, where players convert the resources gathered in the wilds into items of worth.

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Naval content will include NPCs in events, quest chains, and roaming parties such as: sailing NPCs, fortresses, frigates, galleon ships, raid bosses, quest givers, and general sea-based NPCs.

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Players have several means of travel available to them as they develop the world around them. Mounts will be available from the beginning of a player’s career while public transportation is possible depending on how players develop the world around them.

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