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What is Ashes HQ?

Ashes HQ is the dedicated, community curated, information website that serves as a resource for the greater Ashes of Creation community. The focus is to cultivate theorycrafting, discussion, and analysis for Ashes of Creation. If you enjoy lore, class theory, guides, and game update information then this is the place for you. It is also the home of the long time Ashes Pathfinders podcast!

The HQ Team

Phoenix (Simurgh)

Site Admin, Forum Admin

Phoenix is a long time MMORPG veteran and has a vast amount experience in theorycrafting, raid leading, community building, and PvP initiative leadership. Having backed the game since Kickstarter and supporting it since the end of 2016 he is dedicated to both the game and community and reflects this as one of the games official content creators, hosting the long time Ashes Pathfinders podcast, and now bringing the greater Ashes of Creation community AshesHQ. He has a heavy focus on community and good times.


Forum Admin

Trede has been playing online RPGs since 1990 when they were text based MUDs. When he’s not playing games or theorycrafting, he’s taking care of a small zoo (cat, snake, lizard, parrot). He also enjoys long walks on the beach and breaking the current meta.”

Warren (Wandering Mist)

Forum Moderator

Mist has been playing mmorpgs for near to 20 years and has been following Ashes of Creation since the 2017 kickstarter
and is an avid game design nerd and loves looking into various game systems to see how they work, and is looking forward to doing the same with Ashes of Creation.”

HQ Contributors

Bardtic, Eronin, Gruntag, KashKush, Trolltollz, WizzyMcnasty