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Transportation Methods

Players have several means of travel available to them as they develop the world around them. Mounts will be available from the beginning of a player’s career while public transportation is possible depending on how players develop the world around them.


Players will receive a beginner mount while questing in the starter camps and from there can take several paths to obtain an improved mount such as taming, animal husbandry, and players who sell them. There are a diversity of unique mounts that specialize in other modes of travel such as party travel, aquatic travel, gliding from high altitudes, and the select few mounts capable of flight.

To learn more visit Mounts.

Naval Travel & Sea Routes

Ships may only be summoned by players at a port or harbor to explore the wide array of naval content. Both oceans and deep rivers can be traversed in different classes of ships. Coastal and ocean content will contain quests, including treasure hunting, that will make having access to a ship essential.

This has not been elaborated on, but the idea of sea routes serving as a taxi service between specific nodes has been mentioned.

Family Summon

This is a player ability to teleport their family members to their position. Family Summoning has a long cast time with a much longer cooldown on the skill. Furthermore, players cannot be summoned if they are in combat, corrupted, engaged in in-game events, or have materials, gatherables, or certifications.

Teleportation & Airships

When a region contains a scientific metropolis, a teleportation network hub is built in the metropolis. Players can teleport from the metropolis to any of the vassal nodes and vice versa so long as either endpoint is not at war.

If two regions each have a scientific metropolis, an airship taxi service will be developed between the two nodes.

Public Transportation

Any form of public transportation will have to be developed by the player in nodes. Node development, node governments, and local mayor decisions will impact what type of public transportation is available to players.

Flight paths have also been outlined by the development team. Flight paths use automated creatures that connect nodes within a region.