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Economic Regions

Each castle has its own region, this unique region covers 1/5th of the world map. These regions are independent of the Node ZOI’s and the economic regions. They can however overlap. A castle may impose taxes on any Nodes or castle economic regions that fall inside of their region, these taxes are determined by the guild that occupies the castle.


Guilds that own a castle can impose taxes on all town nodes that fall under the influence of their castle’s unique zone of influence. These taxes generate caravans that make their way to the castle at the end of the week. A portion of the taxes gathered will be spent on the upkeep of the castle, while the castle’s guild may choose to use the remainder however they wish. If a castle falls to the besiegers, then a portion of the tax money will be available for the castle’s new master to spend as they see fit.


At the end of each week, each town node that falls under the influence of a castle’s region, will generate NPC escorted tax caravans. These caravans function the same as any normal caravan. Players may choose to intercept these caravans and claim the captured taxes. However, if one of these tax caravans reaches the castle, the taxes will be placed within the castle treasury for the owning guild to spend as they see fit.