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Gatherable resources are discovered by trial and error and it will require the creation and/or the use of tools. Gathering within a node’s ZOI (zone of influence) will contribute to its experience gain and growth. Certain low level gatherable resources will also have a type of tiered progression in order to gain access to higher levels of crafting options.

Gatherable professions include Mining, Lumbering, Herbalism, Fishing, Hunting.

It should be noted that resources will not simply respawn in the same place after some delay. Once depleted, resources will randomly respawn elsewhere in the world.


Fishing is part of the gathering artisan class. There will be different types of fishing and it may be possible that there are fishing tournaments. There will be smaller gamer fishing that will require much thought, deep sea fishing which may require specific lures and equipment, and coastal/lake fishing that is less interactive then deep sea fishing. If done well. fishing can be a very lucrative profession. Fish may be used to craft furniture, clothing, costumes, potions, and food. Other benefits may include treasure finding. There may be fishing boats and it is planned that players can earn cosmetics for their fishing poles through achievements and these could be applied to the rod, bobber, and reel.

A fishery is a farmable area that can be placed on a freehold plot which allows the gathering of fish that are unique to the fishery blueprint.


Herbalism is a gathering profession in Ashes of Creation and includes the gathering of items such as herbs. It has been noted that some house plants may be gatherable. Currently a tool is required to gather herbs found on the ground.


Lumbering is a gathering artisan class in Ashes of Creation. This is the primary profession for gathering wood or lumber. The primary gathering tool is an axe and wood is currently harvested by cutting down trees.


Mining is a gathering profession in Ashes of Creation and requires a mining pick in order to harvest ore from rock veins found in the world. ownership of mining nodes is not a game mechanic, however, it is likely that there will be a high level of PvP that could exist around these types of resource veins.


Hunting is a gathering profession in Ashes of Creation. Animals can be found in herds across Verra that represent gatherable resources. Genetic lines react to the type of mount or creature that is captured or tamed. Combat proficiency may also be required for some taming types.

Tamable creatures may fit creature templates with pre-defined behaviors. Mounts and combat pets can be found in the wild and tamed.