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Events are things that can happen in Ashes of Creation as a result of the player’s actions in the world. Events are public quests that are scaled to fit the local, regional, and global needs. They take the form of quests that pop up in the world or storylines, or players besieging a node/castle. Events can have long lasting effects on the world.

Reactionary World

As players improve a node, the world of Verra will fight back against the players, this could be in the form of a large horde of undead shambling their way from a forsaken graveyard, or in the form of a ancient dragon risen from its slumber by the action of the players in the lands below. These Events will take the combined might of many players to overcome, and will spawn new quests and story hooks for players from surrounding regions to complete, however should the players fail to successfully defeat the event, the world might be radically changed. A node may lose progress, buildings may be destroyed, new more powerful monsters may occupy the zone until their master has finally been slain. If the players succeed in defeating the event, the lands may prosper, new unknown resources may appear, and unknown dungeons may reveal themselves containing long lost treasure.

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