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Divine Nodes

Divine nodes are focused on faith and skill/equipment augments. Religion and orders are the center core for this node type.

Unique Node Buildings

Each node type has a variety of unique node buildings that are associated with it and can be activated at the Village stage of a node’s advancement. Unique buildings play a key role on the node’s progress and overall impact of the world server.

Divine node buildings include Temples.

Node Government

Divine node governments are chosen from citizens via service oriented quests that allow the individual to prove their faith and dedication to the node.

It should be noted that most of these types of tasks will be on an individual basis and will not allow support from other players.

Node Super Power

It is currently unknown what superpower is unlocked when a divine node reaches the metropolis stage.

It has been hinted (but not confirmed) by the development team that they have thought of the possibility of having a massive catacomb dungeon unlocked as a superpower for this node type in which the metropolis node catacombs could potentially link to its vassal nodes of the same type which could allow further and deeper progression through the catacomb dungeon.